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Service-specific Error Code 2360

Writes take a long time which is why there's so many. I want to know if this is something to worry about? CrOnIc-KiLlA 03-20-2002 06:38 PM ahhh! Windows Installer protects critical system files. http://internetmairie.com/service-specific-error/service-specific-error-code-711.html

GetLastError: [2].   2359 Unable to create the target file - file may be in use.   2360 Progress tick.   2361 Need next cabinet.   2362 Folder not found: [2]. The execute method should not be called on it.   2854 On the dialog [2] the control [3] is designated as first active control, but there is no such control.   Attempting to patch file [3]. When trouble-shooting the DLL you may need to use one or more of the tools described in KB198038. 2743 Could not execute custom action [2], location: [3], command: [4].

This could be a problem with the package, or a problem connecting to a domain controller on the network. Specified Modify [3] operation invalid for table joins.   2276 Database: [2]. Users may be given the opportunity to avoid some system restarts by using the FilesInUse Dialog or the MsiRMFilesInUse Dialog. For more information, see System Reboots. 1307 There is not enough disk space remaining to install this file: [2].

Help and Support may have published a KB article that discusses the installation of this assembly. Resolution Remove the service with the command "service.bat remove Confluence" Open the Command Prompt console as an Administrator Follow the instructions to install Confluence as Windows service Was this helpful? Do editors know how many papers I am refereeing on the same platform? Available with Windows Installer version 4.0. 2701 The depth of a feature exceeds the acceptable tree depth of [2] levels.

Please run this command in command prompt and provide the error details msiexec /i "Path to msi" /l*v log.log Once you get error, you can use WiLogUtl to read the log Please try the request again. Killah 03-20-2002 06:35 PM no there is NO such prog..it is just to get ppl to trade 4 it ;). http://www-10.lotus.com/ldd/nd6forum.nsf/ReleaseAllThreadedweb/9e6e26fbe35bc65e8525713f0043c0f6 The one listed above is an example.

All times are GMT -6. This error is caused by a custom action that is based on Dynamic-Link Libraries. Available beginning with Windows Installer for Windows Server 2003. 1938 An error occurred during the installation of assembly '[6]'. No columns in SELECT clause in SQL query: [3].   2234 Database: [2].

Wrong state to CreateOutputDatabase [3].   2218 Database: [2]. over here Rarely, this message is due to the issue discussed by KB886549. 1607 The following applications should be closed before continuing the install: A system restart may be required because a file Missing ')' in SQL query: [3].   2232 Database: [2]. I have tried starting the service manually but still no joy.

The maximum depth of any feature is 16. http://internetmairie.com/service-specific-error/service-specific-error-code-2182.html For information, seeUsing Services Configuration. Available in Windows Installer version 4.0. 1651 Admin user failed to apply patch for a per-user managed or a per-machine application which is in advertise state. Invalid or missing query string: [3].   2238 Database: [2].

Unable to locate the user's SID, system error [3]   1610 The setup must update files or services that cannot be updated while the system is running. We appreciate your feedback. Windows Installer Error Messages The error codes detailed in this topic are returned by the Windows Installer, and have error codes of 1000 or greater. weblink Yes No Thanks for your feedback!

This error is caused by a custom action that is based on Dynamic-Link Libraries. Killah 03-20-2002 07:09 PM np anytime..problem solved..CLOSED Killah 03-20-2002 07:09 PM np anytime..problem solved..CLOSED tacoX 03-28-2002 08:01 AM Spam Thread Keep all your spamming needs here. System error [4].   1404 Could not delete key [2].

Likely cause: browse button is not authored correctly.   2865 Control [3] on billboard [2] extends beyond the boundaries of the billboard [4] by [5] pixels.   2866 The dialog [2]

Anyone know where to get this prog or if it is possiblw for it even to exist? Configuring services is supported only on Windows Vista/Server 2008 and above. It is either empty or exceeds the length allowed by the system.   1323 The folder path '[2]' contains words that are not valid in folder paths.   1324 The folder Error: [2].

There are different options for log available. Invalid identifier '[3]' in SQL query: [4].   2228 Database: [2]. This is performed from the Windows command line as follows (service name will differ): C:\Windows\system32>sc config "Lotus Domino Server (ELotusDominodata)" depend= MSiSCSI Then use the iSCSI Command Line Interface to issue http://internetmairie.com/service-specific-error/service-specific-error-code-1022.html See excerpt below: BindPersistentDevices This command will cause the iSCSI Initiator service to determine which disk volumes are currently exposed by the active iSCSI sessions for all initiators and then persist

Table: [3] Col #: [4].   2271 SummaryInformation write for transform failed.   2272 Database: [2].