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Chef Error: Server Returned Error 500


OptionsSort By NameSort By DateAscendingDescendingDownload AllAttachments knife_upload_error.tar.bz2 29/Aug/13 9:03 AM 397 kB Ilya Activity Ascending order - Click to sort in descending order All Comments History Activity Transitions Summary Hide Permalink I've also tried completing the guide directly on the new Chef 11 server, pointing my knife.rb to localhost, but no dice, it fails with the same error. custom.domain.com) but it's explicitly wrapped in the brackets and double https:// prompts shown. Hide Permalink Leon Stein added a comment - 08/Jul/13 8:14 PM Ran into this problem, in my case the Chef server was not accessible by DNS name from itself, causing chef navigate here

You signed in with another tab or window. share|improve this answer answered Mar 23 '14 at 8:48 tujwww 2123 add a comment| Your Answer draft saved draft discarded Sign up or log in Sign up using Google Sign Now I see why this is considered a minor bug. I hope this help. https://github.com/chef/chef-server/issues/674

Chef Error: Server Returned Error 500

Show Michael Styne added a comment - 16/Dec/14 8:08 PM I too, am using a Comodo certificate and CA bundle. Is a fix expected soon? Meanwhile, this is what's passing on the server-side: 2016-06-17_00:03:23.82442 [error] {<<"method=POST; path=/organizations/my-org/sandboxes; status=500; ">>,{error,{error,badarg,[{erlang,tl,[{invalid_s3_url,[]}],[]},{inets_regexp,first_match,3,[{file,"inets_regexp.erl"},{line,80}]},{inets_regexp,first_match,2,[{file,"inets_regexp.erl"},{line,68}]},{http_uri,split_uri,5,[{file,"http_uri.erl"},{line,181}]},{http_uri,parse_scheme,2,[{file,"http_uri.erl"},{line,136}]},{http_uri,parse,2,[{file,"http_uri.erl"},{line,88}]},{mini_s3,format_s3_uri,2,[{file,"/var/cache/omnibus/src/oc_erchef/_build/default/lib/mini_s3/src/mini_s3.erl /var/log/chef-server/erchef/current <== 2014-07-17_19:33:26.26233 [error] SSL: certify: ssl_handshake.erl:239:Fatal error: certificate unknown ... ==> /var/log/chef-server/erchef/current <== 2014-07-17_19:33:26.26393 [error] Checking

I've attached the certificate bundle (minus host cert), in case it's of any use. But still - no love. 2014-12-16_19:33:30.01215 [error] SSL: certify: ssl_handshake.erl:239:Fatal error: certificate unknown 2014-12-16_19:33:30.01273 [error] Checking presence of file (checksum: <<"eeb2335455fafa8127c1fd2c29c40302">>) for org <<"00000000000000000000000000000000">> from bucket "bookshelf" (key: "organization-00000000000000000000000000000000/checksum-eeb2335455fafa8127c1fd2c29c40302") raised exception Running chef-server_11.1.3-1_amd64.deb on Ubuntu 12.04 x64. So, it's kind of strange that one cookbook would upload ok, but the create_domain cookbook would have a problem when I try to upload it?

The log file /var/log/chef-server/erchef/current will display errors like the following, any time somebody tries to upload a cookbook: 2014-04-14_14:09:32.10962 =ERROR REPORT==== 14-Apr-2014::16:09:32 === 2014-04-14_14:09:32.10963 Checking presence of file (checksum: <<"89903135b8d98998464386f114160088">>) for Hide Permalink Isaac Boehman added a comment - 22/Oct/13 4:34 PM Hey Vincent: I saw a ticket that seemed related, it was dealing with the concurrency setting for knife. The certificate is indeed for chef.us.company.com . Do editors know how many papers I am refereeing on the same platform?

The fix was to remove/update the hosts entries, and run sudo chef-server-ctl reconfigure Show Mike Orr added a comment - 23/Jul/13 10:37 PM I stumbled on this issue today while working This unit test had been working normally until a day or two ago when it started getting 500 Internal Server Error responses when attempting to delete some of the resources that Haya Sent: Tuesday, September 8, 2015 8:47 PM Subject: 500 error when upload cookbook? Although I'm not sure how much IRC is going to help out in this case.

Chef 500 Internal Server Error

Show michael pechner added a comment - 26/Jan/15 2:42 PM - edited Added those 3 lines. https://twittercommunity.com/t/internal-error-returned-for-request-to-delete-sandbox-resources/52854 I am unable to figure out how it related when other functions are working fine. Chef Error: Server Returned Error 500 I'm currently running chef-server-11.0.12-1.el6.x86_64 with has an embedded Erlang R15B02. Chef Server 500 Error tomcoonen closed this Nov 5, 2014 Chef Software, Inc.

Already have an account? check over here And run "chef-server-ctl reconfigure" to apply the new configuration. "chef-server-ctl test" will give you a good idea where exactly the failure is. Show Tucker DeWitt added a comment - 17/Jul/14 7:46 PM - edited Evan Sosenko See the comment above about what we had to do to fix it. Show paul allen added a comment - 11/Sep/13 12:48 PM i had the same issue...

Unfortunately that cert expires in a few hours. Is the ritual of killing an animal as offering to Maa Kali correct? andrs 2015-09-23 16:13:13 UTC #2 Thanks for bringing this up @dodnert - on which calls are you receiving a 500 error? http://internetmairie.com/server-returned/server-returned-error-unspecified-server-refusal.html Thanks for catching that though.

Each next attempt causes an error while uploading different (comparing to previous run) objects. 5. Also, it seems like it is only happening on this one cookbook. The user running the chef services must be able to write to these dirs.

Any nightly later than chef-server-11.0.8+20130905085844.git.41.06d37db will contain the fix.

The version of knife-essentials that I'm using is 1.5.3. Public FQDN (chef-server.rb "api_fqdn"): chef-server.publicdomain.net A PUBLIC_IP Regional Prviate FQDN (client.rb "chef_server_url": chefserver-[AWS REGION].publicdomain.net A PRIVATE_IP To resolve cookbook upload "internal service error" issue, i had to map Public FQDN to http://pastebin.com/ee9fR90j Any suggestions on why I can't upload cookbooks? Unfortunately I don't know the second thing about Erlang (I learned the "first" while trying to hack at this), so I've not been able to figure out how to reproduce the

The error was the the machine was originally configured for one network, moved to another, and the hosts file was hardcoded to point to the old network that was no longer It's just writes that are failing. Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up Getting a 500 Internal Server Error when uploading cookbooks after updating SSL certificate up vote 2 down vote favorite I recently updated weblink I am unable to complete the migration guide posted on the Opscode blog due to this error.

You can also try the mailing list: http://lists.opscode.com/sympa The other option is to open a support ticket and our support team will try to work through the issue with you: https://getchef.zendesk.com/hc/en-us Show Tucker DeWitt added a comment - 14/Jun/14 4:10 AM - edited I've actually just spent the last few hours trying to sort this out as well.