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I tried several different server url's recommended in different forums, all to no avail. Download the server software, which you can find in the download section. January 14, 1999 I am sorry to say that the release date will be some days later. Open the new version and save the appropriate options (e.g. his comment is here

April 4, 2015 The last version had still some problems, mainly the Cygwin component could cause some problems in some Windows systems. So please do not mail me if you encounter any of these bugs, I know them already and I work on their removal. So if the server receives an updated database entry with increased revision, it knows, that the user submitting the updated entry really saw the original entry. I hope that many experienced users will help the other… The second mailing list is, like the mailing list I maintained so far, only a announcement mailing list.

Eac Metadata Provider

Local freedb path This setting specifies the absolute path of the local freedb files. Since all information is submitted by freedb users, we have no additional information about the CDs in our database.1.5. This is helpful for many kinds of defects beside clicks and pops. This page has been accessed 37,743 times.

But I will try to include it in version 0.9 beta then. big THANKS Jeroen, for me too... ! [atx] #16 Unregistered, 1 Juli 2002 Unregistered Expand Collapse Guest CDDB Probs I have had this trouble on three different PC's. So I will use compile-time dynamic linking in that version. Exact Audio Copy Get Cd Information You should take care to ping the server to check whether the problem rests with EAC accessing the server or with a server that is temporarily down. #11 Unregistered, 10

Joined 5/2006 Select All Posts By This User Your freedb settings are correct, the correct server (same server I'm using). You may need to download the list of servers again in case any have changed. Additionally a lot of entries in the current database would be misplaced, if we added new categories. Needless to say, this is a major pain in the arse.

Is it possible to search the online freedb database? 1.10. Freedb Servers In order to find the character which caused the rejection, start counting the lines in the rejection notice beginning with the "# xmcd" line, until you reach the line number mentioned When submitting via e-mail, the submissions have to be sent to [email protected] I still haven't given the EAC Freedb Fixer utility a try.

Eac Freedb

Further, several persons asked me not to use such a mailing list. http://forums.slimdevices.com/showthread.php?30827-EAC-freedb-problems-(newbie) Has anyone tried going back to an earlier version of EAC? Eac Metadata Provider It will not be installed by default, you need to check the plugin option in the installer. Freedb Email Address How can I run my own local freedb-server? 1.13.

use Grip. Therefore completely different CDs (with the same length in seconds and the same track number) can have the same disc ID. It may be better now, or on the other hand even worse, if you had problems with the previous version please tell your experiences… Meanwhile the work on 0.95pb1 make progress, Another bug to fix on this beta! Eac Plugins

So you need a program supporting revisions. Thats why I plan to release a "0.81" beta somewhen this week or next week. This could happen after working minutes or hours without any problem. Glad to know it wasn't just me.

Fortunately most programs support revisions in their latest versions. Eac To Flac My submission was rejected with error-reason "unauthorized client/revision". creating an image having the artist and CD title as filename will now show the file dialog properly when special characters are used.

The suprise in this version I announced are two new features : C1/C2 Error Correction Secure Read Modes for Plextor CD-ROM drives and MMC-complient drives that support this feature.

I use the -http1.1 switch and all is good (without the switch I get server failures). Further there is a bug that occurs sometimes when a track has been extracted, causing EAC to stop around Utils.5707. User name and domain remain optional. Freedb Alternative May 6, 2002 So, last try 😉 All bigger remaining issues (like GUI bug, etc.) are hopefully now fixed, there are some smaller additions and improvements (e.g.

Again simlar settings for dB power amp..so i dont think the firewall is preventing EAC from acessing the net. #3 Unregistered, 7 Juli 2001 Andre Wiethoff Expand Collapse E.A.C. Joined 5/2006 Select All Posts By This User You can try disabling Norton and see what happens. On the FreeDB Tab you will see the entry "FreeDB server". New is also support for a different kind of plugin, which is able to analyse the extraction data and process it somehow, a new plugin for that will emerge soon… Have

To use the MusicBrainz FreeDB server, you must reinstall EAC and deselect the "Metadata Plugin" component in the installer.) MediaMonkey: Navigate to Tools >> Options.. I just don't want to read these mails anymore… I don't think that that warning message was so important, if I had knew what troubles it would cause, I probably never From your post I understand exactly what the problem is, but I have no clue how to fix it (i.e., I don't know how to perform a "command line switch"). Don't expect any program updates until christmas, only if big bugs have to be removed November 2, 1998 Release Date of version 0.7beta This version mainly bugfixes many small and some

Should already be removed by now. I found an alternate gateway via MusicBrainz here: http://www.mb.inhouse.co.uk:80/~cddb/cddb.cgi Just replace the freedb server location (under EAC menu > freedb/database options) w/ the above Last edited by atlslim; 2006-12-22 at 20:48. Coder

I will try to finish both speed selection and sample offsets until expected release date 26.8.98, but I can't promise. Go to the Shortcut tab and add "-http1.1" (without the quotes) to the end of the line that launches EAC (see the attached screenshot). It has the potential to save battery power when listening with portable devices. August 7, 1998 Release Date of version 0.4beta At first I have to excuse me about a speed calculation bug.

August 13, 2016 The updated EAC 1.2 provides mainly bug fixes for the CDRDAO component and updates the cover search in the freedb++ plugin.