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Snapper 2014-06-16 18:08:38 UTC PermalinkRaw Message Post by o***@gmail.comI'm trying to run Amber: Journeys Beyond on Windows XP. quote quick quote Gesatz's unwashed heathen(guest) Jun 1, 04 at 10:59pm ^ Still no news ? Perhaps these could be of some use to you. Username Password Remember me Sign in with the following networks or create a new account Register Sign in with: Community PC PS4 X1 Wii U 3DS PS Vita PS3 360 Wii http://internetmairie.com/script-error/script-error-handler-not-defined-for.html

Every time you save your movie, close your script window or press the recompile button, your lingo code is compiled into machine code that can be executed by the director engine. I have tried reinstalling Amber, checking the installation of QuickTime (looks good - I can play movies off the CD).  Tried copying the CD to a fresh partition and installing it quote quick quote Sera unwashed heathen(guest) Jun 1, 04 at 11:09pm ^ re: Amber, am I missing a driver? Download and install the latest version of DirectX PLEASE DO NOT SKIP THIS LAST STEP < Message edited by Brandy redux -- 1/12/2011 2:28:50 PM > _____________________________For More Help: Click on useful reference

Inferno and some that I found as well: [url][url]http://www.lingoworkshop.com/articles/article12.asp[/url][/url] http://www.zeusprod.com/technote/errors.html infernoj13usa Newbie Posts: 12Joined: 2003-9-12 @ 18:19 Website Top Reply with quote by Snover » 2003-9-16 @ 21:01 Would need This thread should be closed. We will see I await with baited breath. Somebody?Thanks !

Should be a way, somehow, to get this to work! If you follow these procedures correctly, then, after you have registered Gameshow Pro 2, you should be able create new files in all three games of Gameshow Pro 2 without encountering Wii Wii Forums Games Forum Directory Wii Forum Top Forums Animal Crossing: City Folk Bleach: Shattered Blade Code Lyoko: Quest for... Unfortunately, that won't help the rest of us.

Pokémon Black & White... Log in to remove this advertisement Amber installs o.k. implementing 32-bit versions of the missing DLLs. http://comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.adventure.narkive.com/Ke00YRvb/amber-journeys-beyond-script-error-handler-not-defined Pokémon Sun & Moon Pokémon X & Y Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice Featured Forums Animal Crossing: New Leaf Fire Emblem Fates Monster Hunter Generations Pokémon Omega Ruby &...

Copyright 1996-2010 Ziff Davis, Inc. Jiri Member Posts: 290Joined: 2003-7-21 @ 20:19 Top Reply with quote by Snover » 2003-9-13 @ 23:32 Glark glark glark, fine, I installed Director... for... All other products and copyrights mentioned on Just Adventure LLC are the property of their respective companies, and Just Adventure LLC makes no claim thereto.

http://nuttybar.drama.uga.edu/pipermail/dirgames-l/2003-January/021345.html http://www.printomatic.com/technote.cfm?technoteid=23 http://www.intellitools.com/techsupport/techtips/Balanced_Literacy/bl_wikerror.htm The email ends there. http://forums.encoreusa.com/tm.asp?m=38395 Harvest Moon: The Tale... I did,of course install the old version of Quicktime that came with the game. If you continue to have problems after making these changes, then please call LearningWare Technical Support at 1-800-457-5661 or e-mail [email protected]***************************************************** And here is one more article: *****************************************************While trying to debug

Puppy Linuxruns in RAM, it does not install to your hard drive, none of your files will beaffected. http://internetmairie.com/script-error/script-error-handler-not-defined-fileio.html Fixed. "xobglu16/32.dll" - these DLLs are stored beyond the natural end of the exe and extracted to c:\windows each time the game is run (Vista doesn't appreciate this much). There is at least one way to circumvent this, which the Revolution crew are aware of. That coul take a while though...

I feel like I'm missing something like the "recompile now" button in Lingo. Welcome, I know your site (thank you for it) It is I who should be doing the thanking, Jiri. campaign ends soon; IndieLude 'Thank You' concert announced Beta: Neverwinter Open Beta Dated Press Release: IndieCade Opens Call for Game Submissions Search Active Topics Home - Forum Home Welcome Guest, please http://internetmairie.com/script-error/script-error-handler-not-defined-lingo.html dirOpener will give you back all your original assets and score structure." And there is also: "dirOpener will not open projector(exe) files.

Welcome, I know your site (thank you for it) and I thought you would find a way here someday, it's a small world after all Amber is sadly still long way Ryse: Son of Rome Wii U Wii U Forums Games Forum Directory Wii U Forum Top Forums General Wii U Minecraft: Wii U Edition Paper Mario Color Splash Severed Super Smash I read a couple of articles in which script files can be "altered" in folders to make programs work.

MS has free trial evalutaion of VIrtual PC for XP...http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/virtualpc/ Profile Search All Forums : [Adventure Games Forum] : Hints & Tips > Amber:Journeys Beyond Page 1 Jump to:

Apparently Director 5.0 is too retarded to work in NT/2K/XP. Every so often you might make a mistake and accidentally protect a file of which you don't have a backup copy. RAW 2009 Welcome to ExtremeTech Discussions | Help in Discussions : Networking and Wireless Help (forum) Discussions : Help (group) Discussions : All Forums All PCMag All Reviews Search RicOriginally posted by awildman 03-21-2002, 2:17 PM Anonymous (31331004) replied to Anonymous (31331001) Anonymous Amber: Journeys Beyond in XP Reply Quote Been there, done that (although I appreciate the advice).

THIS GAME WILL NOT--ABSOLUTELY WILL NOTRUN ON XP.No way. Jiri Member Posts: 290Joined: 2003-7-21 @ 20:19 Top Reply with quote by Jiri » 2003-8-25 @ 14:36 Amber in Macromedia Director 9.0. And of course, Inferno would really appreciate if somebody could help with this game Jiri Member Posts: 290Joined: 2003-7-21 @ 20:19 Top Reply with quote by Snover » 2003-8-25 @ have a peek here PC Magazine is a registered trademark of Ziff Davis, Inc.

Super Smash Bros. The Last of Us 360 XBOX 360 Forums Games Forum Directory 360 Forum Top Forums Batman: Arkham Asylum Fable III Football Manager 2007 LMA Manager 2007 The Elder Scrolls V:... MOVUTILS error - there are 4 x 16-bit DLLs and 2 x 32-bit DLLs that are needed. Well y'all have certainly got my attention!!:D I've been able to view all the files separately as well but can't get them to run together as a game.

It may not be the most helpful error message, but the"handler not defined" error is technical true: if the handler won't compile, there is no handler. Super Paper Mario Featured Forums Donkey Kong Country... Bypassing the version check results in a list of errors attempting to load xobglu32.dll as it uses a number of thunking functions that don't exist in the NT-generation of Kernel32. If you are a new member and need help using these forums, please click on the FAQ link at the top of this page.

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